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“maximum security doors provide solid and dependable protection
against illegal home or company intrusion”

A Guide to Security Doors

Created to resist all types of forced entry, maximum security doors provide solid and dependable protection against illegal home or company intrusion. With a door strong enough to resist the force of powerfully swung, heavy objects or potent cutting tools, homes and business are made virtually impenetrable with the installation of a security door. In addition, security doors can be equipped with a variety of locks enhancing the amount of security necessary for a given property. Although living in metropolitan areas like Phoenix can be fun and exciting, residents need to feel safe when relaxing in their home and security doors can provide that feeling.

Types of Security Doors

For a door to be an effective barrier against criminal intrusions, hardwood or metal materials should be utilized in its construction. Wood composites, such as medium density fiberboard or United Soybean Board plywood tend to buckle under extreme pressure. Security doors can also be reinforced with interior steel plates which permit flexibility in choosing the type of exterior material desired in making the door. In addition, some reinforcements inhibit the use of pry bars or other illegal instruments implemented in home intrusions. Due to all these possibilities, the aesthetics of a home or company does not have to be compromised because conditions necessitate the installation of a security door.

Metal Security Doors

When appended with strong security locks, metal security doors provide excellent defense against unwanted intrusions. Made from iron, stainless steel or plain steel, metal security doors are generally solid with hardwood-framed edges. Invulnerable to warping or cracking like wood doors, metal doors are usually more affordable than solid wood doors. However, they can be made to look just like certain kinds of hardwoods by having a wood-grain pattern embossed directly on the door which can be stained just like real wood. In addition, metal security doors are drilled with holes matching the existing hinge system of the previous door. They can also be drilled with extra holes in case minor adjustments need to be made in the future.

Fireproof Doors

Fireproof doors are made from rustproof, cold rolled steel and come equipped with fireproof hinges, handles and locks. They prevent fire from entering any Phoenix area business and protects important equipment and data from incurring damage from excessive heat, smoke or flames. Fireproof doors are also self-latching, self-closing and have a heat-responsive device installed in them. Existing doors can also be upgraded to fireproof level as well.

Benefits of Security Doors

In addition to adding a unique aesthetic quality to your home, security doors are a reliable source of privacy and also increases the value of your home. When a home is made secure from the damage caused by home intrusions, violent robberies or fires, there is practically no chance that costly repairs or irreparable destruction will occur to the home.

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