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“professional locksmiths can install wall safes quickly and easily”

A Guide to Safes

Safes come in all sizes and shapes to accommodate any items requiring extra security and protection. When placed inside safes, valuables are effectively sheltered from fire, moisture and oxidation damage, as well as being thoroughly safeguarded from burglars. Because safes are so versatile, they can be installed anywhere in a house or business, such as under the floor, in walls or can sit apart as a stand-alone safe. Safes are affordable as well, so there is no reason to keep your rainy day fund or jewelry heirlooms stashed under a mattress or in your sock drawer, which are just two of the places thieves immediately check when burglarizing a home.

Wall Safes

Installing a wall safe in your home or business is one of the best methods to use when protecting valuables from robbers or the elements. With wall safes, you can hide them behind paintings, tapestries or any large wall decoration, and only you or those close to you would now where to look to find the safe. In addition, most wall safes are bolted to the interior of the wall, with these bolts only accessible through the opened door of the safe. Because cracking a wall safe is virtually impossible, robbers would not be able to extract the safe to take it with them. Many Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa Hills residents and companies have wall safes installed in their homes to protect valuable documents, jewelry, guns and other items from robbers who love to steal such items for resale.

Professional locksmiths can install wall safes quickly and easily. Within the time frame of several hours, you could have your valuables safely ensconced in a wall safe and no longer need to worry about losing them or having them stolen. Floor safes also work in the same manner that wall safes do, only they are installed under the floor and can be covered with rugs or furniture to conceal their existence.

Office Safes

Office safes are constructed with fire-resistance materials and digital lock technology requiring a code to open the safe. They can be portable or bolted to the floor for extra security purposes, with the ability to withstand drops of more than 30 feet. Many companies use office safes to store documents, blueprints, and other vital information pertinent to the operation of the business. Accessories accompanying most office safes include solid steel locking bolts, drill-resistance body, interior shelving, and remote keypad locking system. High security safes are invulnerable to explosions as well.

Depository Safes

Depository safes are safes into which cash, documents or checks can be slipped in without needing to open the safe. As a discreet, quick method to secure valuable items, depository safes provide an efficient way for merchants to prevent large amounts of cash from accumulating in register drawers where a thief might see how much money is available to be quickly grabbed and stolen.

Cash Boxes

Cash boxes are small, portable safes that are handy to use while engaged in simple cash transactions, such as those used in yard sales, flea markets or collecting cash for non-profit organizations. This allows money to be contained in a locked box rather than just being held in someone's hand or kept in an envelope.

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