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“locking devices today are not longer limited to
just the combination or key-based locks”

Locks for Your Home or Business

Locking devices today are no longer limited to just the combination or key-based locks. With the invention of digital technology and remote systems, keyless locks that are operated using remote control instruments are becoming a popular type of security system enhancement for residential and business use. One of the more recent door locks to become available are locks requiring the fingerprint of the individual attempting to access the area secured by such a door.

Fingerprint Door Locks

Convenient to use because no key is required, fingerprint door locks provide a distinct type of security in that only those individuals who have their fingerprint patterns programmed into the lock can gain access to a restricted area. With no key to use (or lose) and no combination number to remember, fingerprint door locks are both cost-effective and reliable. Users of such locks are easily added and removed at the discretion of the individual supplying the lock with acceptable fingerprints.

Electric Strike Locks

As a lock operated using a 12 volt or higher electric current, an electric strike lock is referred to as a "fail-secure" device that ensures doors remain locked during power outages. Doors equipped with fail-secure electric strike locks also have door knobs in case someone needs to open it from the inside of a room. "Fail-safe" electric strike locks, on the other hand, will unlock a door during a power disruption. When integrating this kind of lock in a security system, having some type of back-up power is necessary to avoid compromising of information or materials maintained behind security doors using electric strike locks.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are embedded into the edge of a door and contain all of the parts necessary to operate the lock, latch, deadbolt and handle. The door frame is equipped with a metal plate that is screwed securely in place to accommodate the mortise lock. Inside of the plate is the locking device, usually a steel bolt that moves into the mortise when someone turns the key. Mortise locks provide excellent security for any home or business because they are strong and dependable when involved in any type of unwanted intrusion condition. However, these locks require some skill to be installed properly so it is advisable to hire a professional for the best results.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are popular forms of security because they are not constructed of tiny, interlocking parts, nor do they need keys or combinations to be opened. They work using magnetism, usually with a 12 to 24 volt DC current and are fail safe forms of locks because they use a consistently live current to prevent the door from becoming unlocked. When a magnetic lock is installed on a main entrance door, a back-up power supply is advised in case of a disruption in power.


Deadbolts are one of the most common types of locks used by both home and business owners. Providing maximum security against criminal activity, deadbolts are made from steel or metal and can be easily installed anywhere on a door. Even when a thief breaks a door window, he still won't be able to open the door if it has been reinforced with padlocks. The sliding bolt involved in the padlock mechanism is virtually indestructible. When combined with other security systems, deadbolts provide that extra safety net which gives individuals a welcome sense of security when needed.

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