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“losing a key can be an extremely stressful experience, especially when
you have searched everywhere and realize you just aren't going to find it”

Key Replacement and Duplication

While security systems involving locks that do not require a key are becoming more popular--such as magnetic locks and fingerprint locks--many people still like the idea of being able to manually open the lock on a door. Losing a key can be an extremely stressful experience, especially when you have searched everywhere and realize you just aren't going to find it. Fortunately, locksmiths provide quick key replacement or duplication services for anyone finding themselves in this position.

Phoenix residents and business operating in the surrounding areas experience busy, often chaotic days working, shopping and operating their companies. Misplacing keys is an easy thing to do while engaged in such an overloaded lifestyle. Key replacement or duplication, however, is quickly accomplished and barely disrupts daily activities.

If you frequently find yourself losing keys, there are other key-based security systems which may better suit your needs. For example, one key can be made that is capable of opening all the locks in your home, rather than having several keys to accommodate each lock. Grooves are cut into the keys that match all locks by moving pins into unlocking alignment with the cylinder. By having just one key (and making duplicates, of course), you never have to fumble around in the dark for the key needed to open a specific lock.

Key Duplication Machines

Many people take their keys to be duplicated by a key-cutting machine. These operate in a fairly simple manner by inserting the key to be duplicated into the machine and allowing an automated gauge trace the shape of the key. However, quality locks are highly sensitive to flaws in the grooves of a key used to open it. Occasionally, a duplicate will be made but it fails to open the lock. This is probably due to the machine needing adjusted and calibrated. When needing important keys duplicated, it is best to have a professional locksmith who owns the best, up-to-date security equipment to do the job, rather than taking it to a hardware store.

Transponder Car Key Replacements

Inside the molded, plastic top of certain car keys lays a transponder, a type of radio receiver and transmitter programmed to start a specific car. Only the individual in possession of a transponder key can start that a car that corresponds to that key. Misplacing a transponder key presents an issue because in addition to the key, you've got that transponder which needs to be duplicated. Having duplicates made of transponder keys is, therefore, highly recommended. However, if you have not had the opportunity to make duplicate transponder keys and lose the only one you own, locksmiths possess transponder key blanks that have not been previously programmed, which will start a car after the transponder has aligned itself with your car's computer.

Changing Car Locks and Repairing the Ignition

If you have lost your car keys and want the locks changed for one reason or another, professional locksmiths can quickly remove and install new locks for your car, in addition to providing you with as many extra sets of keys as you want. Ignition key repair is another specialty of locksmiths as well. Car ignitions frequently experience lock-ups and loose parts causing keys to become jammed in the ignition. Ignition cylinders on older cars tend to wear out to the point where the key will not longer "catch" the inner mechanism. A professional locksmith is trained to expertly handle this problem and can either repair or replace your car ignition.

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