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“door intercom systems can also instantly lock and release
doors remotely,such as in garage doors or outside gates”

Intercom Systems

In addition to installing security fences, doors and locks to protect your residence, intercom systems provide extra in-home security by allowing individuals to be aware of what is happening and who may be inside their home at all times. A baby monitor is an example of a simple intercom system, which many parents utilize to hear an infant when is awake or crying, no matter where they happen to be in the house.

Door alarm intercoms work by sounding a loud, beeping noise or alarm whenever a door is opened in the house. Larger homes benefit from this device, especially if a home contains several doors and there is more than one story involved. Equipped with speakers and microphones for easy communication, door alarms are totally wireless and possess emergency buttons to automatically inform others of an emergency occurring elsewhere in the home.

Door intercom systems can also instantly lock and release doors remotely, such as in garage doors or outside gates. With this type of system, you do not have to leave your residence to allow someone to gain access to your property. Instead, you simply speak into the intercom, ask who it is and if it is someone you want to see, you then press a button on the intercom which opens a gate or door.

Other intercom and intercom-type security systems include:
Motion detection lights
Phone intercom system
Video intercom system
Security grills
Hard-wired intercom systems

Wireless Intercoms

Wireless intercom systems do not use any wires, relying on radio waves instead to permit communication between individuals within a residence. Battery operated, portable and extremely versatile, wireless intercoms cover all areas and rooms within any size home, allowing instant communication among family members.

Home use of intercom security systems is popular with both residential and commercial business owners in the Phoenix metropolitan area. In addition to providing security and immediate awareness of who is in a building at all times, intercoms use very little energy, with many running on the same batteries for months.

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