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“electrical fences and gates provide an even greater
level of security for property owners”

Gates and Ironwork

Many Phoenix area home and business owners take advantage of installing security gates, security bars and other ironwork to adequately protect their property from burglary and home invasions. This type of security system is affordable, quick to establish and provides the type of security that is readily seen by potential robbers. Seeing something formidable such as windows guarded with strong, steel bars or gates that are solid, impenetrable and firmly locked often deter criminals from even attempting to initiate a crime.

Storefront, Commercial Fences and Gates

Preventing "smash and grab" robberies are on every business owners mind due to the unstable economy. With individuals out of work and out of money, spying an easy opportunity to smash a store front window and quickly grab merchandise with resale value is foremost on a criminal's mind. Owners need to be proactive and install storefront fences and gates to protect their business from pillagers. In addition to being totally visible to robbers, these fences impede criminal activity by protecting windows with thick steel fencing that is easily put away during the day and utilized in the evening.

Commercial fencing and gating come in many styles, such as sliding curtains, diamond pattern fencing to prevent criminals from reaching through and roll-down grills that effectively shield the entire front of the business from illegal activity. This type of security system can be customized to fit any size or shape building, with the option of securing one entrance way or several entrances. They are affordable and low-maintenance, requiring no upkeep due to a special, galvanized finishing applied to the gates or curtains. In addition, when thieves see that a business is secured every evening by a roll-up fence or sliding iron gate, they realize this owner means business when it comes to protecting his livelihood and move on to other business that are vulnerable to criminal destruction.

Backyard Gates

Effectively securing your home or business means not only installing some kind of comprehensive security system in the front but also in the back. If you own a home in the greater Phoenix area, such as Mesa or Tempe, you know the importance of fencing and gating your back yard to prevent unwanted intruders from trespassing. This is also necessary if you have small children who play in the yard.

Although people sometimes prefer the rustic quality that a wooden fence and gate give to a property, this type of privacy enclosure is not the safest to use, especially when you live in a larger metropolitan area. Wood is easily broken with any heavy item swung with enough force. Having a professional locksmith install a wrought-iron fence and iron gate equipped with strong, metal locks ensures that your property, yard items and most importantly, your children, are protected from potentially devastating criminal activity.

Iron gates and fences are available in many designs to accommodate all styles of homes and businesses. Most have been galvanized before being coated with special paint that resists all kinds of inclement weather conditions. In addition, electrical fences and gates provide an even greater level of security for property owners. Electrical fences can also be easily switched on and off whenever the need for extra security arises.

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