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“CCTV's not only catch criminal activity before it happens but
also captures images of the suspects for easy identification and capture”

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring Systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV) provides real-time monitoring of homes, properties, commercial sites, banks or any place that requires surveillance due to a higher than average potential for incidences of crime, burglary, violence or vandalism. Consisting of deliberately placed cameras that are designed to transmit images to remote monitoring screens, CCTV's not only catch criminal activity before it happens but also captures images of the suspects for easy identification and capture.

CCTV's operate day or night, with nighttime security cameras using high resolution and infrared technology to provide clear images in any type of lighting. Quality CCTV cameras provided by LockAid USA enable image detection of up to 160 feet in darkness. In areas where lighting is extremely low, night cameras will automatically illuminate your company or property with infrared illuminators. Easily mounted on wall, ceilings or any site considered a security risk, CCTV cameras are attached to and operate on sturdy brackets allowing for camera movement and concealment of wires.

Digital or Analog Security Systems

These cameras do not transmit images to remote monitors that are watched by security officials. Instead, digital or analog cameras record events occuring in front and around the area in which they are mounted. Owners of these types of cameras can then watch recordings at their convenience to determine whether criminal activity has occurred. Recording cameras are affordable and provide security for large, isolated areas such as warehouses or salvage yards. Digital recording cameras also assist banks and other financial institutions in deterring employees from pilfering or performing illegal acts detrimental to that company.

Vandal-Resistant Cameras

Places prone to robbery such as convenience stores or neighborhood grocery marts rely on vandal and bullet-resistance security cameras to protect their business and catch thieves in the act. This type of camera is encased in a tough dome-like housing that effectively protects the camera from being smashed or shot by potential criminals. When perpetrators attempt to break a vandal-resistance camera before committing a crime and discover it is impervious to destruction, this often deters criminals from completing the crime, leaving the owner of the business without damage.

Zoom, Fixed and Point Tilt Cameras

Fixed cameras remain in one position and constantly monitor one area of a property building. However, individuals watching images transmitted by zoom/point/tilt cameras can also instruct the camera to tilt and point in certain directions. Monitors are then able to view all dimensions of an area using these versatile cameras. They can even zoom in on faraway, suspicious looking activity and discover what exactly what is happening. Public areas such as casinos and shopping malls frequently employ mobile cameras in order to view and identify criminals engaged in illegal activity.

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