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“using access control allows a company to keep track of
exactly who enters and who leaves the building”

Access Control Security Systems

As the most technologically advanced security system available, access control security integrates a variety of mechanisms providing an extremely reliable and foolproof security system. This type of system protects large companies employing hundreds or thousands of individuals from allowing unauthorized personnel access to restricted areas of the property. Prominent Phoenix-area businesses utilize access control security to maintain the integrity of vital information regarding their company's financial or operating protocol. In addition, using access control allows a company to keep track of exactly who enters and who leaves the building.

Access control security effectively regulates authorized entrance through doors, into elevators and parking facilities. This is accomplished using several methods:
Smart cards implanted with identification codes such as PIN numbers
Proximity cards needing to be held near a sensor to be read
Retinal scanners
Fingerprint detection
Input of passcodes into keypads

In addition, an access control system can be set up to open more than one entrance within the area it controls. This is helpful when few employees work in larger buildings and already have permission to access all areas of the property.

Benefits of this high-tech security system include:
Elimination of keys--no added expense in supplying or replacing lost keys
Accurate and organized method to track attendance and hours worked of employees
Effortless integration with existing security devices
Initiates quick "lock-downs" of buildings in which an emergency or violent act is occuring
Use of identification badges for visitors and employees which reduces admittance of unauthorized individuals
Offering a computer-based system of security that immediately reveals imperfections in the system

Keypads also provide security against unapproved access by allowing only those who are familiar with a certain set of numbers to input this number before entering a building or room. Unlike a key-based lock, keypads cannot be "picked" or unlocked in anyway. Only those having knowledge of a special passcode can gain access to the entrance secured by a keypad security system.

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